The project “Recycle is doing magic” came with an initiative of the company “Bellaforma Plastics” (Plásticos Bellaforma) in 2019. In the first moment, it had the purpose of contributing to environmental education developed in schools and entities in the Serra Gaúcha region, based on its actions the circular economy.

Focused on PET plastic (Polyethylene Teephthalate) we complete 100% of the recycling chain – collection, sorting, processing, recycling – with the reintegration of this material into the market, transformed into a fully recycled and recyclable packaging, through Bellaforma’s thermoform process.


The main objective we have is to make the general population aware of its environmental impacts, and how PET plastic can rather generate very positive impacts as long as used and disposed of in the correct way.

Through a simple process called waste recovery, we want to show that separating correctly will always be much more profitable and beneficial to the environmental than mixing recyclable waste.

For this reason, the material we collect reaches us clean, free of contaminants and separated by types of plastic, PET (bottle and packages) and PP (caps and seals).


We impact directly on the core of society, through the environmental education that we take to the participating schools, in partnership with the Venturi Institute for Environmental Studies, we train teachers to implement environmental education through transversal themes in the schools' curriculum.

Thus ensuring that children and young people grow up much more aware of the impacts of their daily actions and knowing the importance they are in maintaining the stability of our planet's natural resources.

Through reverse logistics, we directly impact the volumes and quality of recyclables that return to the production cycle, since this material will not be mixed with ordinary waste and will not end um being grounded, contributing to increase the life of landfills. We also impact by preventing new amounts of natural resources from being exploited by using existing materials through recycling.


If you are part of any school or entity and you are interested in developing environmental education, focusing on the circular economy, within your institution, contact us to schedule a visit and get more information.

If you are part of an organization that wants to work environmental education with your employees or even develop actions together with us to bring our expertise to your company, call us through the contact form.

Let’s together build a better future for everyone!

Bottle meter

Bottles collected since 2019.


The institutions that are part of the project benefit in two main ways.

The first one is through the financial gains, once all the PET material and components (such as the bottle caps for example), are monetized with a value compatible to the raw material on the market, which greatly increases the values in relation to the material that is discarded without any kind of processing.

The second way is through our environmental education program, where from training and educational materials that we deliver to all participating schools, the entity's teachers will be able to integrate environmental education into the school curriculum, in compliance with the law 9.795 of April 27, 1999, which established the national policy for environmental education. Learning how to integrate the environment in an interdisciplinary way within the school curriculum, having our project as a methodological alternative of cross-cutting themes to be worked on in the planning of environmental education activities in school.


Educational, social and cultural entities that are duly registered in the CNPJ. For logistical and processing reasons, check if your region is already served by the project, or if it will be necessary to develop close partners so that we can take the project to you.


Our project is pioneer in the reverse logistics of complete chain in Brazil, unlike any other existing model, which certifies recycling through the collection and baling of the material, our project goes beyond. We show exactly where that material was collected, where and how it was transformed, and finally how it was reinserted into the market, thus ensuring 100% transparency and traceability of recycled and recyclable material.


Supporters who are part of the project can contribute in two main ways.

The first is by purchasing packaging from “Bellaforma Plastics” (Plásticos Bellaforma), and thus your company will be completing the reverse logistics cycle, purchasing and placing on the market the material collected and benefited by the entities.

The second way is by acting as a project sponsor, or even sponsoring actions or materials distributed to the entities. In this way, your company helps us maintain our operations, expanding to more cities and regions, besides being able to offer better structures to entities that need so much, contributing to the quality of education in our region, through meaningful learning.